Month: June 2020

Microsoft partners with Meteoblue

Microsoft have showed off their partnership with Meteoblue to bring super accurate realistic weather patterns to Flight Simulator 2020. These weather paterns are taken from Metroblues accurate weather stations to simulate the current weather. Using a grid system allowing different weather to exist depending on what altitude you are at. You can watch the video […]Read More

A “New” Train Simulator

Well Dovetail Games have done it again, Today they have announced the latest in their simulation genre; Train Sim World 2. An updated version of Train Sim World  2020 with, what they say, new improvements and features. So let’s take a look through what is to come in Train Sim World. New features include: Scenario […]Read More

PMDG to bring third party content to Microsoft Flight Simulator

Ever since the announcement of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 the discussion of third party content has been strong. Well now we know that the well known developer for FSX, Prepar3D & X-Plane has announced that they will be bringing their main product line to the new simulator. Whilst PMDG has not given any time frame […]Read More

Creating Scenarios With Announcements

Although it may seem complicated LUA scripting is pretty straight forward. This tutorial will walk you through how to set up your scenario to work with on board train announcements that trigger when you want them to. Before you get started I would recommend downloading Visual Studio. It’s easier to use this then editing on […]Read More

First Look: Class 375/377 Enhancement Pack

Wow this has long been needed. The Class 375/377 Enhancement Pack has finally released and well, Armstrong Powerhouse have done an excellent job at bringing a Train Simulator classic into the modern day of enhanced simulation. As usual Armstrong Powerhouse have replicated accurate sounds to compliment the rest of the enhancement pack. As someone that […]Read More

DTG Release New Class 43 High Speed Train

Today, DoveTail games have released a new Class 43 High Speed Train, using the updated model that currently features in Train Sim World. This version of the HST is in LNER livery As usual the pricing is £11.99 and for this you get the power car units, MK3 coaches & 3 new scenarios for the […]Read More